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Q&A with Supernaut's Scott Chapin

supernautThe gravestone currently dominating Supernaut's MySpace page (and this very post) marks the death of the four-year-old band. But the local rockers shall nevertheless play a final show/CD release for their second album Burning Through the Motions, this Saturday at Dante's. Frontman and founder Scott Chapin sat down with Willamette Week to reminisce about the Supernaut's past--and look ahead to what's next.

WW: Supernaut's really dead, then?
Scott Chapin: I just felt that the band had run its course. Everybody was moving on, new material was getting a little scarce and it seemed like we had grown apart from it. Practice was more like doing push-ups and sit-ups than going to make music.

This is the official CD release show, but Burning Through the Motions came out last year. What happened?
We finished recording … January of last year? [laughs] Such a slow process. It actually came out last October--finished, packaged, in stores and what not--but, since recording took such a long time and getting people together was such a hassle, everybody wasn't that into the band, it seemed like. Too bad, cause I really liked the record.

Was there a final moment?
The recording of the album took so long, and there were other things going on. We liked to play out of town a lot cause we wanted to broaden the audience, and it was working. We did really well in Medford for some reason. Nobody could seem to get their shit together and make it happen, though. [We] always seemed to have something else going on--can't do it cause of this, can't do it cause of that, our drummer moved to Kelso, the van got totaled, it was a mess. [sighing] Rock and roll, man.

What's next for you?
I have an acoustic project going--guess it's not a side project anymore, huh?--with Carl Hinds of BlackHeart WhiteNoise. We got together a couple times and wrote some songs, and I wanted to start working with him and do something different. [I've] been doing the aggressive rock thing for a couple years and it was getting stale. If I jumped back quickly into something like that, it'd spiral quickly downhill.

After so long, why do a CD release show at all?
We wanted to give an official send-off to the whole thing. With my last band [The Daylights], I really didn't get the chance, and I've always regretted it. Supernaut was good, it was fun. You start getting older, and…rock is a young man's game. It was nice, it did really well, we got a lot of good press, we picked up a lot of fans on the way and made two great records. Opened for the Presidents of the United States, opened for MXPX, sold-out a show at the Crystal with Floater. Had a lot of good shows, lot of good response, had a fucking great time. It was cool, man. Kind of sad to see it go, but, on the other hand, feels like a fifty ton weight's been lifted off my shoulders. I don't regret a second of it.

Supernaut celebrates the release of Burning Through the Motions Saturday, June 30, with Western Aerial and Castella at Dante's. 9 pm. $7 advance, $8 day of show. 21+.

Supernaut's MySpace
Listen to Supernaut's "Same Old Story" here.

Photo: from the band's MySpace.
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