Idle Talk and Wicked Deeds
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Hi Jeff,

This is translated from a Japanese review of our album. It may give you some ideas for your review. Does it Make sense?? Nope! I like the Japanese pronunciation of our name huratsutomauntengaruzu. hee hee.



THE FLAT MOUNTAIN GIRLS flat mountain [garuzu]


(CD) (FLAT MOUNTAIN GIRLS) 2,590 Yen in estimate value.

* 7/first third ~7/middle due ins. While reservation receiving *

Favorable comment received at this store, America the Oregon state Portland does music activity in base, the woman 4 formation old time string band of song skillful person performance skillful person, THE FLAT MOUNTAIN GIRLS [huratsutomauntengaruzu]. The next few days arrival of their 2007 works 'IDLE TALK & WICKED DEEDS' decided.

With the atmosphere which after all, the shoulders and elbows does not stretch the charm of flat mountain [garuzu] and relaxes the shank. You think that Stoic only of the young man that you can see attitude, it will master the road of `old time music' in the large favorite UNCLE EARL ankle earl of the woman string band of recent topic, but the generation in regard to going around (with the photograph so is visible at least from the ankle earl??)Flat mountain [garuzu] already passing the stage, the old time/is to indicate the fact where string music is amusement music of the American southern white populace in me.

Repertory, traditional song and the cowboy yodel which are handed down with the American southern mountains including the classic of the Carter family, and kana fiddle [chiyun], is the superexcellent original tune which in addition designates those as the foundation.

* Member formation *

Lisa Marsicek - fiddle and vocals

Rachel Gold - banjo and vocals

Nann Alleman - guitar, spoons and vocals

Laura Quigley - bass
Photo courtesy of the artists