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Travel Light: Regarding Paul's Balls (and Paul's Music)

pictanttantLast winter, Paul Lynch, known also as downtempo producer/performer DJ Tan't and indie-rock looper (((in mono))), noticed his balls were hurting something fierce. It turned out to be a cyst and it cost a small fortune to get it removed. Last night, three bands--Gouseion, Dat'r, and Copy--got together for Paul's Balls Ball, a benefit show to help offset the medical bills. A good crowd showed and shit got pretty sticky and sweaty on the dancefloor, Lynch included, in spite of ferocious ball pain and leaving his Vicodin at home. A fucking champ, he is. Before the show, I sat down with him for a few words about his balls, his forthcoming DJ Tan't album and whether or not he can, you know, still do it...

So, how are the balls?
Balls are... We did the surgery and...it didn't help.

It didn't help?
It didn't help a thing, no. Which is really bad.

The cyst is gone?
The cyst is gone. Just the pain.

What's the pain then?
We don't know. The doctors don't know. That's the worst part about it.

What's the next step then?
I'm going to pain doctors. Gonna do some electroshock therapy or some shit (laughs). I don't know man. I don't know what the fuck they're going to do, probably get some meds. I'm hoping it works out. It could be a simple thing that's maybe going to get better in like a month, but I'm waiting for that fucking day.

So it's just random ball pain now?

Yeah, random ball pain. It feels like someone's taking a stick and doing this (scrapes an imaginary stick along the outside of an imaginary ball cupped in his hand).

How bad did the whole thing leave you moneywise?

Moneywise? Um...it was a lot. I'd say probably about ten grand. I have insurance, but I have the really shitty insurance, through my work. So, I pretty much have to pay half of that. Spent a lot of money for nothing.

Did it put you out of work and making music?
No, I still kept doing music. I did a show at the Fez Ballroom with Oh and Chip [Jones, of Brokaw] and it was like a week prior [to the surgery] and it was really excruciating. But, I muscled through it. I mean, it's really hard to concentrate. But, you do it. Your body just makes you do it.

Why didn't you take a break?
I don't know. I had planned to play the show before [the cyst, pain, et al]. I'm not a pussy. I love playing music. I'd play music with no arms....if I could. I don't know how you do that, but... I'd hook it up to my brain and do it that way. Actually, that technology is there, believe it or not. You think of a music and it plays it on a computer.

Can people buy that now?
No. It's new technology. They use it on monkeys that use robotic arms to feed themselves. They tried it on this guy with Cerebral Palsy and he could make individual notes on the computer.

So, what's up with you and music now? It's been a while since that last album (Notes of Abrasion), you haven't been playing that much....
I've kind of been refraining from playing a lot. I try to play like important shows, good shows. Not oversaturating I guess. I'm recording my new album. I have six or seven songs on there. I'm going to track a bunch of Portland drummers to my electronic beats...

Who are you going to get?
Like Kevin from Talkdemonic, David from Prime Meridian, Sam Schauer from Modernstate...all of my friends pretty much. Right now, I have all of the songs layed out with an electronic beat, and I'm going to have folks play drums over em'.

How's it compare to the last the last album?
It's totally live. It's not so monotonous. I use Cubase now...I'll live keyboard shit, live beats, and tracking it all out.

Is there anything dance going to be on there?
It varies. It's probably going to be more downtempo. But, I'm going to try and keep it like the first album where it started off super downtempo and then sped up really fast. Same kind of thing. I'm kinda in the middle on it right now. But, I'll probably put some dance tracks on there for the ladies. (laughs). [Paul mentioned later that his ball situation was not, in fact, a barrier to his, you know, doin' it.]


DJ Tan't

Photo: It was THIS big. From djtant.com

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