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Alicia Rose Wins (Something) For Menomena Shot, Miss Murgatroid Rocks With Boy Eats Drum Machine

menomena in the bathtubNo, Alicia Rose didn't win the Local Cut award for shooting our most used photograph EVER. Should such a thing exist she would, I mean. But, the folks at the Association of Media Photographers (ASMP from here on) handed down a Judges Choice award for her shot of Menomena taking a bath together (which maybe they should get some kind of award for too...I dunno). In addition to "some sort of prize," the shot will be framed and shown at a fawncy gallery in New York City.

In other Alicia J. Rose news:

She's got an interview up at www.cdbabypodcast.com right now, with such talk as how to get a show at the Doug Fir, how to promote your band in Portland, and such and so forth.

In yet more Alicia J. Rose news:

Rose will...or her accordian pumping alter-ego, Miss Murgatroid will be guesting with Boy Eats Drum Machine on their new album, "Two Ghosts," and may just play with them at their CD release show in July...on stage at the Doug Fir...where she's in charge of the booking, and...and... That popping sound? Your head totally fucking exploding.

Could it be? Yes, still more Alicia J. Rose news:

She just shot press picts for the generally rad avant schnozz-hop crew Subtle. You may view them here.


Boy Eats Drum Machine


Photo: Yep, that's the one.
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