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E*Rock, "Violent Meditations" from Grown Zone (States Rights)

erocklivedThis is fierce. E*Rock's contribution to the Grown Zone comp starts off innocuous and "happy" synth-y enough. Then, a few seconds in, everything goes quick-like into heavy industrial distorto mode where every sound feels like it was cut out of sheet metal and E*Rock's thowing out squalls of indiscernable vocals. Everything on the comp is meant to be a nod at a shameful or buried influece, and this is E*Rock's nod to goth/industrial music.

He explains in the liner notes:

My Girlfriend in high school was really into KMFDM, Pailhead, 1000 Home DJs, and various Al Jourgensen produced industrial bands at the time. Then working at Ozone Records at the end of the 90's pretty much killed industrial music for me up until this year when I resurrected a couple of key tracks.


States Rights Records
WW's take on Grown Zone.

Photo: from e--rock.com
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