A duo of new biennial art exhibitions has been announced
Portland 2010
As curator, Moss has already engendered grousing that his artist selection is stale. This is good news. If people didn't bitch about it, it wouldn't be a biennial.
The People's Biennial
The People's Biennial
“artists and non-artists who are operating outside of traditional presenting institutions and systems. This could include a child who makes incredible science fair projects, a person knitting fantastic clothing, a developmentally disabled artist making engaging drawings or sculptures, a mathematician that composes visually compelling notations, or a sign painter who creates great window displays.”
Perhaps Fletcher and Hoffmann will also want to include hobbyists who make funny masks out of gourds.
PAM's decision to kill its well-respected Oregon Biennial in favor of the musty and anemic Contemporary Northwest Art Awards highlights an abdication on PAM's part and an unfulfilled need in our community to showcase artwork that is relevant, vital, organic, and au courant.
For more information about Portland 2010, visit www.disjecta.org. For more information about The People's Biennial, visit www.pica.org.