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PDX Pop Now! Reveals 2007 Tracklist, Announces Release Show

2007logoYep, this afternoon the folks at PDX Pop Now! released the tracklist for the fourth edition of their yearly two-disc comp of local Portland musics. Expect to see the discs on the checkout counters of record shops (and beyond) on June 19th for a mere seven bucks. The Pop Now! folks are also having a release show at the Hawthorne Theater on June 8th with Hungry Mob, The Better To See You With, Strength, The Hugs, and Ashes to Ashes (all-ages of course).

The group, which compiles the comp mainly from submissions, calls this year's release its "most diverse yet." Given the breadth of music that Portland has to offer, I'd reply "Good effort PDX Pop Now, good effort." I like that it's got a sample of one of Ethan Rose's stunning Ceiling Songs, some Old Time Relijun, one of my favorite the Robot Ate Me songs, "Empty Feelings," and some other rad stuff. It also has a "rare Decemberists demo." If you just peed yourself, send us the dry cleaning bill and we'll be sure to thumbtack it to our wall.

I think if you gave this disc to a non-Portland music fan, they'd probably start packing pretty quickly. Anyhow, you be the judge:

Disc 1

01 Swim Swam Swum – “Without Your French”
02 Lips and Ribs – “Battle in Nagoya”
03 Modernstate – “SSMF”
04 Menomena – “Wet and Rusting”
05 Syndel – “Lemme Hear It”
06 World Court – “Maps”
07 The Hand That Bleeds – “Shattered Love Trance”
08 The Ocean Floor – “A Simple Adventure”
09 Laura Gibson – “Come by Storm”
10 Mirah and Spectratone International – “Community”
11 Evolutionary Jass Band – “Phyllis' Frindge”
12 Old Time Relijun – “The Tightest Cage”
13 Black Elk – “Toss You to the Wolves”
14 Ethan Rose – “Ceiling Song 3 (Excerpt)”
15 Lifesavas – “No Surprise”
16 Alela Diane – “Up North”
17 YACHT – “See a Penny (Pick it Up)”
18 Starfucker – “Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second”
19 Colin Meloy (of The Decemberists) – “Culling of the Fold”

Disc 2

02 Kristin Hersh – “Blackstone”
03 Sweater! – “Mediterranean”
04 Panther – “How Well Can You Swim?”
05 Ohmega Watts – “4 Days in Geneva”
06 Run On Sentence – “Carrie Pt. II”
07 Exploding Hearts – “(Making) Teenage Faces”
08 Derby – “If Ever There's a Reason”
09 The Hugs – “North”
10 Eric John Kaiser – “L'Odyssee”
11 Ferocious Eagle – “Bastards”
12 The Better to See You With – “Garden”
13 Hungry Mob – “To the People”
14 Klezmocracy – “Hava Netze B'machol”
15 Wilding & AED – “Broken Branches”
16 The Robot Ate Me – “Empty Feelings”
17 Alan Singley – “Never Knew”
18 Nice Boys – “Johnny Guitar”
19 31Knots – “Sanctify”
20 White Rainbow – “Mystic Prism”
21 The Shaky Hands – “Soul”

Yeah, same logo. I like it too.
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