How to explain Portland's first dip in bicycle ridership since 1995.
why the numbers had gone down.
at only two locations across the entire city in 2008 and 2009.
the story sparked a search for context that would support the Bicycle Plan for 2030 and minimize questions about the decline in bike ridership.
Preliminary Bike Count?
Ready for publication?
he didn't yet know what to make of the decline.
"how do we present it."
"Without facilities and a network that reflect international best practices in design we're going to reach a point where bicycle use stops growing," Geller wrote in his email. "Before advancing that notion I wanted to converse with others and make sure that's the story we want to tell."
Roger Geller asks, Is this the story we want to tell?
PBOT got exactly the answer it wanted.
Our data suggests a 5% (I-5NB) and 8% (I-5SB) decline from 2008 to 2009. We didn't check other freeways but the story is likely similar.
Roger Geller. "I haven't looked at it yet"
Looks great
Sarah Mirk