TL: How fast did this tour really come up? Was it just something like ' we need you in San Francisco the day after tomorrow. You in?'
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day of show
How did it come up?
I'm assuming LCD's touring full-band, fully live style...does it feel discongruous at all to be opening up shows as this solo skinny guy with everything pretracked on a laptop? I'm assuming you're touring without backup...correct me if I'm wrong.
Thank you
How are the LCD crowds reacting to YACHT?
Best moment of the past three days?
If you could do something different regarding the YACHT on a yacht party what would that be? If anything... If this is the party of the year, what could make it the party of the decade?
Can you feel the heat Seattle
I know this sounds like a neg question, but I can't help asking: does it feel presumptuous to get so massively extravagant for your own release?
Just gluttonous
Get the picture
Photo: YACHT in San Francisco. By: Mekuria Getinet