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Nudge, "Love-In Accident" from Elaborate Devices For Filtering Crisis (Tigerbeat6)

nudgeFor all of the Nudge name checking that goes on around here, it occurs to me that many a reader still may not have actually heard Nudge. For being one of the more important bands in the city over the past few years, it's not like saying "The Shins" or "Modest Mouse" or whatever. The band--a loose, now long-distance relationship trio consisting mainly of Honey Owens (Valet), Paul Dickow (Strategy), and frontman Brian Foote (since moved to Chicago)--started up here in 2002, and found themselves a bridge of sorts between the pocketed "old-school" electronic Portland, and the one we're in now.

The music--backroom funk apt for lounging in space capsules--is mainly improv, but you wouldn't neccessarily know it: song lengths hover around the three and a half minute mark, culled down from sessions several times that in length. "Love-In Accident" is a bit longer at four and a half minutes. It's also more aggressive than the rest, featuring jagged, disconnected guitar lines (but still funky in a The In Sound From Way Out kind of way), and one of the most awesomely perverse uses of a drum machine you're likely to hear. I guess the "Love-In" parts of the song are the flutes and high soft synth lines that swirl in and out of the gaps. Odd and quite cool.


Photo: From Kranky
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