April 26th, 2007 5:33 pm | by Michael Byrne Music | Posted In: Cut of the Day

Plants, "Seedling," Photosynthesis (Strange Attractors)

plantsOnce again, Plants have written a song that makes me feel like I'm in church, or should be--whatever denomination holds their services around fire circles, more specifically. Josh Blanchard and Molly Griffith-Blanchard's voices together have never been so perfect. Molly's voice is just otherworldly. It feels as though it's running along a undulating mountain footpath, with its feet floating just above the ground. And Blanchard's voice is running just below at the same speed, barely grounded on the path.

Slowly, it builds and quickens amongst refrains of “Grow/ Grow/ Grow/ Green will course from within,” above ragged acoustic guitar and slight ethereal drones. It's probably among my favorite Plants tracks--which is saying a lot, given that this is the duo's fourth album to be released in a year's time (one for every season).



Photo: From Plantspace

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