April 19th, 2007 5:33 pm | by Michael Byrne Music | Posted In: Cut of the Day

Plankton Wat, "Morning Light" from Other Worlds (self-released)

deweyPlankton Wat's the solo project of Dewey Mahood, a key member of Eternal Tapestry, and occasional part of the Jackie-O Motherfucker swarm/collective. It's a beautiful, graceful thing of looped and picked acoustic guitar, following a wander-glimmer-drone structure that psych fans in Portland should be well aquainted with. With barely any of the cacophony or aggression Eternal Tapestry sometimes builds to, "Morning Light"--and the album in general--gently beckons us to fall back into our own head. Not the busy part--the worry and chaos cortex--but, the part that I've had a hell of a time finding lately, the pocket where our thoughts go when we're perfectly happy to just drift and stare.


Plankton Wat's space

Photo: Really, could you ever imagine someone that looks more like a Dewey? From his space.
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