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Mbilly, "Weight of Gravity" from Today! (self-released)

mbillyA brief disclaimer: Mbilly, a.k.a. Will Helfrich, is something of a friend of mine. We get along, sometimes we talk about our respective days, and sometimes about music. Yesterday morning, he bought me a coffee. Through "the network" his CD reached me not too long ago, and, as so shamefully happens, I sat on it for a few weeks before letting it spin. (I apologize to everyone that's given me a CD, and this, or worse, has happened). Mbilly's a guy picking a guitar, a solo, somewhat twangy, folk songwriter that's unassuming to a fault, save for some damn good stage banter, and a voice that sounds as if it's somehow aged two decades beyond the twenty-something I know Helfrich to be. "I can feel my bones beneath me/slowly crackling/for the first time in my life/something real is coming down on me/I can feel the weight of gravity," go the words to this song. I know I can't understand those words in the same way that Will does, but I also know they're so universal that if hearing him sing them doesn't slice you open at least a little, then...I don't know. I really don't.


Mbilly's 'space

Photo: Mbilly at Mississippi Studios, where this song was recorded.
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