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Joy! Janet Weiss Joins the Jicks.

JicksSpawning enough alliteration to keep the powers that be at this publication sated for the next two weeks, former Sleater-Kinney drummer Janet Weiss has joined Stephen Malkmus's band, the Jicks. This, we must tell you, is awesome. But first we must tell you that this story originally broke over on the Portland Mercury's blog this weekend. Chas Bowie, whose byline I am quite jealous of, reported that Friday night, "Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks kicked off the third annual Affair at the Jupiter Hotel art fair down on lower Burnside with an amazing set that included 4 or 5 brand new songs. In the open air courtyard of the hotel, with countless stars overhead, it was an incredible way to see old Malk, and to witness no small moment of Portland music history. On drums—to almost everyone's surprise—was Janet Weiss, of dearly departed Sleater-Kinney!"

Good God. What the hell were we doing on Friday night? Oh yeah. Watching The Science of Sleep at Cinema 21. FUCK! Anyway, it looks like all the indie stars aligned perfectly for this setup. The Jicks old drummer John Moen joined the Decemberists late last year. And while Moen has been playing with the Jicks since, he will most likely have to commit himself to the Decemberists from now on, seeing as that band is about to tour on its first major label release. Add to that the fact that Weiss just wrapped up her 11-year stint as the drummer for Sleater-Kinney in early August and, well, it all works out so very well.

Maybe a little too well. Did Malkmus break up Sleater-Kinney in order to usurp the services of Ms. Weiss? Is there a larger plan at work here? Is Malkmus building an indie rock Voltron? Weirder things have happened. And dammit if Steve-o's moustache doesn't make him look just sinister enough to do it.

Okay. That's all for now. Stay tuned.

Photo: That guy on the left, picture him with no glasses, long black hair and boobs. Then you have the current Jicks. Photo from the Matador Records web site.
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