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LEAK: Swan Island, "Flew the Coop" from The Centre Will Hold (Holocene Music)

Swan IslandYou know when you start a band (and I know you have) and the guitarist always starts out by playing the "Crazy Train" riff over and over again? First you laugh and then you humor your guitarist's obsession and then you say "stop!" Well, the ladies in Swan Island did not say "stop," in fact they "ei ei ei"-ed their way to an inspired (literally) song with "Flew the Coop." This song obviously rips off the old Ozzie riff, but also drips throughout with acid guitar lines inspired by the entire doom metal milieu while tempering those brutal riffs with high and intricate running guitar lines. The song has a lighter touch to it with a lot of space in the production, instrumental switches in the composition and intensity in leadwoman Brisa's vocals. Brisa's promise that "Everything will turn black" throughout the playfully tense song, guarantees that we have a kinder, gentler doom on our hands.

Swan Island's debut The Center Will Hold will be released Oct. 24.

Swan Island:
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