In fact, progressives ran this campaign in Oregon against a well-funded lobby of major state corporations like Nike and the corporate tea party front group FreedomWorks. And they energized progressives, organized and won, and pretty easily so. This twists the narrative that all Democrats are morose and demobilized – actually, when you give them a positive choice, when you offer a progressive policy like tax fairness, they will not only choose it, but get excited about it. And conservatives will lose in a game of numbers."
"The two ballot measures passed handily in a referendum watched closely around the country as a signal of whether voters are ready to approve targeted tax hikes to bail out cash-starved state treasuries."
Wall Street Journal (
The twin ballot measures also served as a gauge of anti-business populism and highlighted a nationwide debate over whether to fix state budgets by targeting the affluent. But they also fueled resentment of "tax and spend" legislators, as well as public-employee unions whose members enjoy job security at a time when thousands here have lost jobs.
Allen Alley
Tonight a state with one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation made it harder to do business in it. We have more work to do.