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PDX Pop Now! Day One Available for Download

Horse FeathersThose of you who, like me, missed much of the PDX Pop Now! Festival that took place at Loveland last weekend have once again been saved by technology. Marcus Estes, One of the men behind the clever new podcasting-and-other-mysterious-music-techie-thingies website called Tables Turned recorded almost the entire production and has made it available on the website. There are only two missing sets, Stars of Track and Field and Horse Feathers (which was a great performance, so I put Horse Feather Justin's mug over there). The rest of the weekend's sets, as well as some video, will be available soon, Estes says, along with some video clips.

To stream the recordings, go here.

To download the files, subscribe the podcast here.

PDX Pop Now!:
Tables Turned:

Photo: Horse Feathers' Justin Ringle playing the first night of PDX Pop Now! Photo by Greg Borenstein.
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