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PDX Pop Now! Lineup Announced

Ohmega WattsFinally, with a cool two weeks to spare, the folks down at PDX Pop Now! headquarters have announced the lineup for the third annual all-local all-ages PDX Pop Now! Festival, set to take place July 28-30 at Loveland. While a few acts are yet to be announced, the initial lineup looks diverse, if a little slim on the big acts and slightly bloated with repeat performers. The lineup was decided by the all-volunteer PDX Pop Now! staff, who took into consideration requests for bands that were filed at the nonprofit's website. There was a lot to sift through, considering that 8000 requests (not votes mind you) were made for 900 different bands. Since there is no schedule yet, I have decided to present the lineup to you under a series of judgement-infused headings. Shall we?

Ohmega Watts - One of Portland's most notable young producers and emcees, Ohmega Watts is a clear choice and, luckily, is not currently on tour. Plus the man has not played in town for months, having focused on myriad projects and a European tour. Goal!
50 Foot Wave - Lead woman Kristen Hersh (of Throwing Muses fame) has played a few solo shows since she moved to Portland a couple months ago, but this will be the first with her post-Muses band, rounded out by bassist Bernard Georgesn and drummer Rob Ahlers. Good land, Popsters!
Thanksgiving - Adrian Orange, a.k.a. Thanksgiving, has often been overlooked by local music fans, but the Marriage Records artist, who has been recording heart-stopping home-spun emotional folk music since he was in his teens, will find many converts, I predict. Ace!
Alela Diane - This recent Nevada City transplant is the best female singer-songwriter in town. If the staff would have missed her, they would have missed the point. Score!
Parenthetical Girls - Former Portland Mercury music editor Zac Pennington came on late with an excellent early summer release from his bandle. A good snag for the Pop team. Bonus!
Copy - Yes! But he better have the last slot of the night. Ka-ching!
White Rainbow - Another sure bet for the popsters in the electronic music category.Adam Forkner's bandle could possibly be to this year's festival what the unbelievably afternoon performance by Jackie O Motherfucker was to last year's fest. Solid!

Nice Nice - I missed it last year and kicked myself for three months after I heard that this duo destroyed Loveland. Again!
Viva Voce - Sure they were in the fest last year, but Kevin and Anita Robinson put on one hell of a show, and will have a bunch of new material to play for the kids from their upcoming release Get Yr Blood Sucked Out. And Kevin body surfed last year.
Wet Confetti - After last year's mid-set disruption by a handful of unruly punks chanting "you suck," when it most definitely did not, Wet Confetti surely diserves another shot this year.
Alan Singley & Pants Machine - Since Alan put on a wonderful smalll-stage set for a bunch of cross-legged kids last year, he has put out one of the best Portland pop album's of recent memory, LovingKindness. Let him have the big stage for this one.

Cool Nutz - There is no denying that Nutz is a part of Portland pop, and that he needs his day in front of this crowd. Plus LC hip-hop correspondent Casey Jarman says he's been blowin' shit up lately.
I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House - Again, Mike D and his SOB's are a Portland tradition. A must for a Portland pop festival.

GIVE IT A BREAK - All of these bands have had their time on the stage at past PDX Pop Now! festivals and done a fair job, but none have shone so brightly that they demanded to be brought back again. And, please, give me Nick Jaina and then Dat'r, but no more Binary Dolls.
We're From Japan
Tea for Julie
Binary Dolls
Jr. Private Detective
Sexton Blake

THE WILD CARDS - These bands could possibly provide some of the festival's most amazing moments
Old Time Relijun
Siren's Echo
Please Step Out of the Vehicle
Horse Feathers
Small Sails
Holcombe Waller
The Shaky Hands
Boy Eats Drum Machine

THE MILD CARDS - These bands are going to have to try very hard to provide some of the festivals most exciting moments.
Stars of Track and Field
Reverse Dotty and the Candy Cane Shivs

THE UNKNOWNS - But best of luck to 'em. We'll let you know how they do here and in Willamette Week.
The Conductor
Cicada Omega
Guau Guau

PDX Pop Now!: pdxpopnow.com
Loveland: loveland-international.com

Photo: Ohmega Watts. From the Ubiquity Records website.
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