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Howe Gelb with Scout Niblett, "I Want Candy / I Know What Boys Want / Who Do You Love / Not Fade Away" from Graciously (Funzalo Records)

GraciouslyThis track from a compilation of new songs recorded at Tucson's Wavelab studio doesn't really translate on paper. A live mash-up of four classically overwrought songs by Portland's crash captain Scout Niblett and Tucson legend Howe Gelb, the track features a jaunty piano played in a drunken echo, some dude (Gelb) reciting poetry filled Southwestern imagery, and a bratty Niblett reciting the chorus to "I Want Candy." Eventually a chorus of children begins to shout-sing along with her. Sounds like some Brady Bunch hell in Tucson. But here, under the guise of Gelb, and anchored by an acidic guitar riff from "Who Do You Love" and a soothing rumbling tom, the song is a clever cobbling together of Americana. But still, stressed mothers should keep their distance, lest they want to set up residence in Breakdown City.

Scout Niblett: scoutniblett.com
Howe Gelb: giantsand.com
Funzalo Records: funzalorecords.com
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