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Sleater-Kinney Sold Out. Scalpers Happy. Fans Not.

Sleater-KinneyThere was a short, but mad dash for tickets to the final Sleater-Kinney show on Saturday. By approximately 10 minutes after 10 a.m., when the tickets to the Aug. 11 Crystal Ballroom show went on sale, every available ticket was gone. The sad thing is that the Crystal Ballroom box office (the only place you could buy tickets without paying a $10-per-ticket Ticketmaster fee) sold, at most, four of the 1500 available tickets. LC reader Amanda Kotsovos relates this near-heartbreaking tale:

i followed your advice and went to the crystal ballroom box office where you said i SHOULD buy the sleater-kinney tickets.. my buddy edgar said the same thing. we got there at 8 a.m. and were the 2nd and 3rd in line and the box office STILL sold out (in 4 minutes).

luckily my friend got me a ticket in san francisco, at the ticketmaster outlet where you said to NOT buy them. i'm glad she didn't take your advice.

it would have been nice if the crystal b. printed out 100 or so tickets for the 100 of us that were there at 10.

the box office guy felt really really really bad. but not as bad as us that took your advice. . . (just kidding. kinda)

From another concerned reader named Kenny Boyett:

The Crystal is a locally owned business. Sleater-Kinney is a local band. So why in the hell does Ticketmaster even get to have any part of this concert?!!! As if corporate culture taking over the world isn't bad enough already, do we really have to let them control local venues and punk rock too?!!! Maybe the Crystal should sell their tickets at Starbucks. Or Wal-Mart! What's the difference? If they're going to let huge corporations run their shows, then it really doesn't matter at all that this is a local band at a local venue at all!

Boyett brings up a good question. In this age of the internet when the convenience of the online sales allows ticket scalpers from anywhere in the world to buy tickets in their pajamas, shouldn't a monumental show like this be held close to the Crystal Ballroom's chest, so that fans in the band's hometown get the tickets, instead of scalpers in Philadelphia?

Currently there are dozens of the $12 tickets on sale at eBay for, on average, $100 each (most are sold in pairs). Bull. Shit.

Amy Jenniges from Portland Mercury's Blogtown demands a second Sleater-Kinney show here. I second that, with emotion.

Crystal Ballroom: mcmenamins.com
Sleater-Kinney: sleater-kinney.com
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