Minh Tran started sashaying around the perimeter of Forestry Center's Miller Hall wearing a ripped '80s style tee with the word "LESBO" spray-painted on the front of it,
It was one of the most uneven, puzzling, snoozy and yet, in moments, fascinating shows I've seen in quite a while
Mathern is known for her analytical, sculptural movement and her new work, Pivot, was more of the same.
Tim DuRoche,
Mike Mazzola
David Eckard,
Paloma Soledad,
Tere Mathern's Pivot Minh Tran's Kiss by Gordon Wilson
Sharper—and shorter—was Tran and Mathern's sinuous duet, Twine.
Soledad's oddball purple, metallic fishing net costumes only succeed in making the pair of dancers look like a pair of shipwrecked waifs
Minh Tran's Kiss by Gordon Wilson
Kiss, which chronicles the gay dancemaker's 20 year long journey out of the closet—exploded onto the floor.
"Red Rocky Horror Harajuku Mess"
They gently lowered him toward Berdine's face over and over—swaying, swinging and always pulling him up just moments before the two men made contact.
Minh Tran's Kiss 2 by Gordon Wilson
But as Tran's sexual identity became more problematic (his family disowned him for six years after discovering he was gay) so did the piece.
It looked and sounded remarkably like Samwell's "What What (In the Butt)" YouTube video.
If fact, it's not until they start taking all those clothes off that the show becomes truly pleasurable again,
Minh Tran & Company and Tere Mathern Dance perform at the
World Forestry Center, 4033 SW Canyon Road. 8 pm Thursday-Sunday Jan. 21-24. $16-$26. Info at whitebird.org or fertilegroundpdx.org. SOLD OUT, but call Whitebird at
to double check.
Photo of Tran and Mathern performing
courtesy of Chris Roesing/White Bird. Photos of Mathern's
and Tran's
during the show's dress rehearsal by Gordon Wilson.