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RETAIL THERAPIST: Project Runway, Season Eight: Portland's Gretchen Called a Manipulative Nazi!

Portland's Gretchen on Project Runway
Geez louise. Last night's Project Runway produced many, MANY cringe-worthy moments as Portland's hometown gal Gretchen (pictured above) careened from one horrifying moment to the next.

In this episode, the fifth of Season Eight, the 12 remaining designers were split into two teams of six and asked to create collections inspired by current trends. Michael C., having won last week's challenge (and immunity from elimination this week), was first to pick a teammate. And wouldn't you know it, he selected our little Gretchen, yee of outsized ego, causing April to issue what has to be the meanest statement thus far in Project Runway Season Eight. Unfortunately for Gretchen it's not exactly inaccurate. "Do you want to hire Hitler?" she asked. "Seriously?"

It was downhill from there for Gretchen, who won the first two contests of the season and henceforth became intolerable to her fellow contestants. Some will argue Gretchen's utter bitchiness is the result of selective editing on the part of Project Runway producers. The consensus at WW is that Gretchen is a train wreck with little to no self-awareness who just happens to make pretty fucking awesome clothes (well, usually). We hope she learns to keep her mouth shut in future episodes and let the clothes do the talking.

So apparently does Tim Gunn, dear Tim Gunn. The famously spot-on host-ish of Project Runway castigated Gretchen's team for letting her bully and manipulate them. Seriously. You have to see it to believe it.

In Gretchen's video diary below she says Project Runway forced her "to cause drama." Like we said. Geez louise.

Jesus Christ.
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