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Project Runway 7, Episode 11: The Story of Anthony and Cleopatra


Top Five reasons last night's episode of Project Runway was the best of the season so far:

5) The incessant product placement did not make Retail Therapist hit mute repeatedly.

4) Designers were asked to make clothing viewers might actually want to see—a red-carpet dress for show runner Heidi Klum—instead of outfits for one-legged breast cancer survivors, preteens or puppies.

3) Jonathan, the sweet guy who's been swimming out of his depth for weeks, finally got the boot. We can now exhale.

2) MAYA QUIT THE SHOW!!! Saying she wasn't ready to hit Bryant Park, our Cleopatra look-alike committed career suicide.

1) Which means, dear fashion gods, we got Anthony back! So fun. And as if that weren't enough, Anthony won the challenge with this black-and-white number. (Although, bizarrely, judges decided to make Emilio a winner too for his strapless metallic frock.)

A final note: Seth Aaron Henderson of Vancouver will make an appearance in Multnomah Village tonight at Anne Bocci Boutique from 6 to 9 pm. Anne Bocci Boutique, 7824 SW Capitol Hwy., (503) 452-3711.
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