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Turning Portland into OC: I seem to be failing miserably on the weather front. Other than that, let me remind you that I grew up in Oregon and far prefer it to Southern California. In my view, The Oregonian has not rapidly changed in the past two months since I arrived. If you have some examples to the contrary, I'd love to hear them. In the case of this election, I suspect the final outcome will be very close. So no matter what position The Oregonian had taken on the ballot measures, a significant number of our readers would disagree. That's the nature of an editorial opinion. The good news is that we provide opportunities such as this one for you to disagree and have our vast audience see what you have to say.
One thing is clear from this flap: There's a new sheriff in town — It's hard to imagine Anderson's predecessor, Fred Stickel, ever accepting a paid ad on the front page for a political cause or wading into Web comments afterward to talk with readers about the decision.