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Extraordinary Measures Countdown: Harrison Ford Already Works Around the Clock!

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What a strange and delightful journey we've had with Extraordinary Measures, which was briefly titled Determined and before that was called The Untitled Crowley Project, but will always be best known as the movie that brought Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser (and Ted Kulongoski) to Portland to save the lives of babies stricken with an obscure disease. It's hard to believe it's less than a week until we will all be able to see if the filmmakers have managed to incorporate Pioneer Courthouse Square and balloons into this uplifting saga. (Trust me, they have.)

But for the moment, we'll have to settle for the television commercials CBS Films has been running, which feature Ford explaining gently to Fraser that he cannot work more hours fighting the obscure disease, because he already works a great number of hours. This scene has become a national sensation, so much so that CBS Films has edited it out of the ads. But one YouTube filmmaker was (shall we say) determined not to let anyone forget this inspiring moment:

[youtube UYBx7yxEME4]

Let the Extraordinary Measures clock watch begin!
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