Mark Wiener

When the Oregon election results come out tonight, one of the biggest winners will be someone who's not even on the ballot.

Mark Wiener, the political consultant of choice for Democrats and those who want to raise taxes, has collected big bucks this election cycle to provide strategy to the following people and organizations:

1) Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Kitzhaber;

2) The Democratic Party of Oregon;

3) The Oregon Historical Society, which is asking Multnomah County voters to approve Measure 26-118;

4) The state Senate Democratic Leadership Fund;

5) The Measure 76 campaign to set aside lottery money permanently for state parks;

6) Planned Parenthood;

7) The Measure 26-114 campaign to establish a permanent tax base for the Multnomah County library system;

8 The public employee-funded Defend Oregon;

9) Oregon Climate PAC (funded by patent heir and winery owner Eric Lemelson);

10) The Oregon Education Association;

11) Metro President candidate Bob Stacey;

12) And a batch of Democratic candidates for the Legislature.

took in more than $1.5 million in fees