As Democrats nationwide nervously await election returns to see how many of their congressional incumbents get unseated, let’s turn our attention to Oregon’s First Congressional District.

U.S. Rep. David Wu is trying for a seventh term representing a northwest Oregon district that includes the west side of Portland and Washington County. He had a 13-point lead over Republican challenger Rob Cornilles, according to an Oregonian poll.  And Wu, as usual, has proven a strong fund-raiser.

But Cornilles is considered one of the most formidable challengers Wu has faced. The Republican candidate won endorsements from both The Oregonian and Portland Tribune (WW endorsed Wu.) and made the traditional challenger’s case that it’s time for a change.

Of course, Wu isn’t the only Democratic congressman from Oregon facing a serious challenge—first-term Rep. Kurt Schrader also faces a well-financed opponent in Republican Scott Bruun. But if the Republicans are really going to ride the tsunami they’re predicting in Congress, it will have to be achieved by knocking out long-term congressmen like Wu.

Either way, check back here after returns come in tonight. We’ll be with Wu as he spends Election Night at the Downtown Hilton with his fellow Democrats.