Just after 10 pm tonight, six-term U.S. Rep. David Wu (D-Ore.) entered the downtown Portland Hilton’s large ballroom to chants of “WU! WU! WU!” and claps from more than 150 cheering supporters.

Overcoming his Republican opponent Rob Cornilles in the First Congressional District, Wu was one of Oregon’s four Democratic incumbent House members (along with Democrat Ron Wyden in the Senate) who weren’t affected by the anti-incumbent tide that unseated many Democrats this election.

The crowd cheered as Wu praised the work of the recent Congress and its historical significance. Saying that ultimately “historians will have a different view” than Fox News, Wu said he remained optimistic about returning to a House where leadership has changed hands with a Republican majority.

“Americans don’t want a gridlocked house,” Wu said. “It’s up to the Republicans to cooperate.”