A man whose wife was given the wrong type of fuel at a Chevron station in east Multnomah County is suing the station’s owner for allegedly ruining his fuel injectors.

In a lawsuit filed Dec. 8 in Multnomah County Circuit Court, Tom Young claims his wife drove his 2003 Ford E-350 Econoline van to the Chevron station at 17411 SE Powell Blvd. on Sept. 11, 2010.

The suit says Young’s wife handed an employee at the station a Visa card and told him to “fill it up.” She remained seated in the van while the employee pumped $23.07 worth of fuel, the suit says. A sticker on the gas cap says “Diesel Fuel Only,” but the employee filled the tank with regular gasoline, the lawsuit says.

“After receiving her receipt [Young's] wife drove away, blissfully unaware of the problem facing her once the fuel in the fuel line and injection system was burned up,” the suit says.

“Not far” from the station, the van came to a stop, according to the lawsuit. Young had the vehicle towed to a service station that diagnosed and repaired the problem for $4,013.21, the lawsuit says.

“Though gasoline often ruins the entire diesel engine, the one in the van was tough and survived the assault. The fuel injectors, however, were not so hardy and expired,” the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit claims the station’s owners, Portland-based Cain Petroleum, were negligent in failing to properly train employees. The suit, filed by Portland lawyer Brooks Cooper, seeks the cost of the repairs plus interest and attorney fees.

Cain Petroleum has not yet returned a phone call seeking comment.