John Kroger

Yesterday, Attorney General John Kroger released his list of the 20 “worst” non-profits operating in Oregon. The absence of any Oregon-based non-profits from the list could generate concerns Kroger is going easy on local outfits.

But here’s a story from the (Eugene) Register Guard about a fascinating lawsuit Kroger filed against the natural foods company making Yogi Tea that suggests Kroger’s office is keeping a close eye on local non-profits as well.

“Oregon Attorney General John Kroger has filed a lawsuit accusing the managers of Golden Temple, a Eugene natural foods company, of unjustly enriching themselves and of allowing assets of the nonprofit Sikh religious community inspired by Yogi Bhajan to slip into private, for-profit ownership,” writes RG reporter Sherri Buri McDonald.

“The suit requests damages of $17 million for the nonprofit organizations alleged to be harmed by the managers’ actions. It seeks the removal of the four managers of “Unto Infinity,” chosen by Yogi Bhajan to oversee the community’s businesses and nonprofit organizations after his death in 2004. It also requests that a receiver be appointed until new management is installed, to reduce the risk of transfer of other assets dedicated to charitable purposes, such as the Sikh community’s Yogi Tea business or Akal Security, its security business based in Española, N.M.”