Ron Wyden

The New York Times had a piece over the weekend reporting how members of the U.S. Senate demonstrated their respect for an Oregoncolleague.

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) was on the Senate floor Saturday a couple days before his surgery today for early-stage prostate cancer.

The Times quotes Wyden saying, “Senators, let me thank all of you for your many kindnesses over the last 48 hours. When news about your prostate is ricocheting around the blogosphere, all the calls and notes and even offers to object on my behalf have meant a lot.” Here’s the paper’s explanationof why “offers to object” are so dear on the Senate floor.

UPDATE at 1:30 pm: Wyden spokesman Tom Towslee said doctors at Johns Hopkins report the “surgery went perfectly” and that Wyden is recovering well. The 61-year-old senator is expected to leave the hospital on Tuesday and will recuperate at his home in DC