Workforce analyst Christian Kaylor of the Oregon Employment Department this week rolled out his latest and always interesting update on the Portlandjob market.

First the usual bad news: the Portland metro area still lags the rest of the country for employment.

Then, like he does each month, Kaylor breaks out a set of seemingly random but interesting stats. This month it’s education, and its relation—or lack thereof—to wages.

First Kaylor notes the Portland area has the fifth-highest rate of bachelor’s degrees out of 11 selected cities in the Western United States. Portland’s rate for bachelor’s degrees is also significantly higher than the national average.

Then Kaylor takes that same list of cities and stacks them in terms of median average hourly wages. For all its educated masses, Portland drops two places on this scale, with lesser-educated Sacramento and Anchorage jumping ahead.

Perhaps Portland’s wobbly foodie economy is a weakness when comparing us to less-trendy cities.