Auburn mascot

While waiting (and waiting and waiting) for the Jan. 10 championship game between Auburn and Oregon, the mind tends to wander.

Last week, we wrote about how college football in Alabama is taken very, very seriously. This week, we note one more example from the video archives of the state’s football passion.

Below is a much-watched chestnut from December 2008, in which one very distraught Auburn fan is seen berating athletic director Jay Jacobs, who hired current Auburn coach Gene Chizik.

As an Oregon fan who had his own silly doubts about then-new coach Chip Kelly (quick side note: check out this new piece quoting ex-Oregon coach Mike Bellotti taking a good share of credit for making the BCS championship) after the Boise State debacle in 2009, I can empathize with the fan’s ultimately unrealized fears.

But going out to the airport to boo the Auburn AD and shout, “We want a leader, not a loser”? Wow!