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Burnside Brewing Co. Turns Three (Weeks); Plans Food Beers for Spring

burnsidebrewingBurnside Brewing "Beer Caviar." - Courtesy of Burnside Brewing.
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Can we ever have too many food carts? Well, maybe. Too many breweries? Hell no. But should there be such a thing as a saturation point, Burnside Brewing Co.—otherwise known as brewmaster Jason McAdam (co-founder of the now-defunct Roots Brewing), former Full Sail sales guy Jay Gilbert and Adam Cassie—begins operation under the notion that we haven't hit it yet.

Burnside's IPA went on tap New Year's Eve, and now, three weeks later, its third batch of beer—an experimental Oatmeal Pale Ale bittered with Japanese Sorachi Ace hops is almost ready to be tapped. McAdam's second beer certainly doesn't suffer from Jan Brady syndrome, however, as it just earned the People's Choice Award at the 1st Annual Buckman-Kerns Brewfest on Sunday. That beer style is a Gratzer, a revived “traditional” Polish-style smoked wheat beer (think a hybrid between a Hefeweizen and a smoked beer or Rauchbier), and it's actually the second commercial rendition here in Beervana after Breakside's.

Once the Oatmeal Pale is tapped, Burnside's executive chef Ronnie Vance will unveil his trio of edible beers in the form of “beer caviar.” Yep, Vance is going all Wylie Dufresne by melding molecular gastronomy with cuisine à la bière. Not only is he making beer edible (paired alongside samples of the respective beers allowing patrons to both sip and chew them), but he intends to make some of his dishes quaffable by infusing, say, a Pale Ale with the essence of cassoulet or duck crepes. Yes, Burnside will unveil this conceptual libation, infusing the essence of an entire entrée into a pint of beer, later this spring. Whether or not vegetarians will be willing to try them is TBD.

GO: Burnside Brewing Co., 701 E Burnside St., 330-6548. Open 4 pm-midnight Tuesday-Sunday.
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