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Willamette Geek: Confirmation! Nintendo 3DS to Launch in March for $250

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Well, the headline pretty much says it all. Giving concrete details to what Nintendo mentioned in September, officials announced this morning that the much anticipated hand-held, glasses-free 3D time waster will show up on March 27. The product can be any color you want—as long as you want either "Cosmo Black" or "Aqua Blue." Our European cousins get it two days earlier on March 25. So what will your $249.99 net you?

  • The 3DS itself, backwards compatible with your DS games.

  • A 2GB SD card for storage.

  • A charging cradle.

Pre-orders are available at Amazon. And if past Ninty launches are anything to go by, you'll want to pre-order, if for no other reason than investment purposes. For a full overview of what this dual-screened wunderkind can do, trundle your virtual net-feet over to Nintendo's 3DS page.
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