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Rogue of the Moment: The Guy (or Gal) Who Stole an Earthquake Survivor's Shoes at Ski Bowl

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 Photo: Fabiola Coupet/Mercy Corps

If WW had a special Rogue award for unidentified, bad people, that award would most certainly go to one person this week: the jerk who stole the shoes of 28-year-old Guivens Cemervil at Ski Bowl on Thursday.

Cemervil, you see, is a Mercy Corps program employee who one year ago, on Jan. 12, 2010, survived the magnitude 7.0 earthquake in Haiti. (He's at the head of the table in the photo above from Port-au-Prince last July.)

His account of how he was spared in the quake is both eerie and heartbreaking:

Blog from Mercy Corps

The quake also leveled Cemervil's house, destroying all his belongings. But in a roundabout way, the devastation in Haiti led Cemervil to Mercy Corps, which funds a program called Moving Forward. Moving Forward uses sports to help kids affected by the quake, and Cemervil was in Portland this week, on the occasion of the quake's one-year anniversary, to talk to donors and Mercy Corps officials about the project. This was his first trip to the United States.

On Thursday, Cemervil went night skiing at Ski Bowl, and while he was out enjoying the snow (also for the first time) someone stole Cemervil's shoes! "The shoes were in a pile of other Mercy Corps staff members' stuff (gloves, jackets, shoes), and when the group got back all the other items were there except his shoes," writes Lindsay Murphy of Mercy Corps.

Cemervil's response, according to Murphy, humbled the others. "I lost everything in the earthquake," he reportedly said. "What difference does a pair of shoes make?"

All together now: Aaaaaaaaarrrghhh!

Photo by Fabiola Coupet courtesy Mercy Corps.
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