January 14th, 2011 5:00 pm | by AARON MESH Movies & Television |

Portlandia Debuts on Hulu; Decide for Yourself if It's Funny


Didn't get a ticket to tonight's Portlandia preview at the Hollywood Theatre? Don't want to wait until next week's premiere on the Independent Film Channel and the Mission Theater? Why not just watch it now, at your desk?

IFC, perhaps realizing that not very many people actually have IFC, has released the first episode of the much-buzzed Carrie Brownstein TV show on Hulu.

Finally, you can stop talking about how much that show you haven't seen sucks, and start talking about how much that show you've seen one episode of sucks. This is a big day for you.

Or you might like it. (I find, all conflicts aside, that I do, overall; Brownstein "dialing her bitch down" is priceless.) Find out what WW's arts and culture team thinks in next Wednesday's edition, where we discuss the show more than is at all necessary.

(Thanks to Eater PDX for the tip.)
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