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DRAG OUT: Feyonce & the Jizzettes vs Cee-Lo and Black Swan

Feyonce & the Jizzettes at Homomentum

Ever wonder what goes on at Portland's raucous monthly queer cabaret Homomentum? Well, this morning "featherless drag queen" Feyonce (aka local writer/artist Wayne Bund) sent us over an eyeful from the genderfuck variety show's latest installment (Jan. 7 at the Fez).

Let's just say it involves pantyhose and thong undies, Cee-Lo, Black Swan and Feyonce getting into a cultural critique pissing match with the disembodied god voice of, yes, her creator Wayne Bund.

A warning: you might wanna turn your speakers down a notch. There's a lady in the audience that appears to be loudly auditioning for screeching Slasher Movie Victim #3.

Happy Friday.

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