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Roll On: Parker Pettus Still Wants You to Rollerdisk with Him

Rollerdisk at Chapman Elementary

Last June WW wrote about 62-year-old Parker Pettus' efforts to establish a rollerdisk (a.k.a. roller frisbee) team here in Portland. “I do not want to see the sporting love of my life fade away,” he told us at the time. “I'm the last rollerdisk player, and after 20 years of playing the game I don't want to see the game become extinct.” Now he's back to let us know he's gotten permission from Portland Public Schools to use the covered playground at Chapman Elementary for a handful of dates this month to hold rollerdisk meets and encourage prospective players. “It's a sort of ‘build it and they will come' strategy, which worked well in Field of Dreams but might not bring results on a field of hard asphalt,” says Pettus. The only problem? He has still yet to find anybody to play with him:
I still am having trouble finding players. In correspondence with the Portland School Board I always referred to 'the team' and that puts me out on a limb somewhat but I am going to play all four games—solo if necessary—and challenge the entire city of Portland (and the greater Portland area) to help keep our city as weird and to save Rollerdisk from slow extinction.

Get your game on (and save an arcane rolling sport from The Nothing in the process) by joining Pettus noon to 1:30 pm Sunday Jan. 16, 23 or 30. Here's some video from his first (solo) Chapman Game on Jan. 9. Visit rollerdisk.org for more hot skate/disk action.

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