Jared Loughner
Gabrielle Giffords
Trey Starrs
Jul 11, 2010 - I keep hearing voices in my head!

Aug 18 - I'll tell you how to kill a pig in my bulletin!

Sep 14 - I didn't hesitate playing Russian roulette with 3 bullets!

Sep 16 - I thought about attempting suicide again...... notice the again...

Sep 27 - Be careful when you go out of body, the government can control the out of body with programming their energy.

Oct 3 - I'm suspended from school for my first freedom! The police is on myspace stalking you! Call them f**king teachers! Cons! The police are wrong.

Nov 14 - Are you single and looking for a rich boyfriend?

Nov 17 - It hurts to have been never sexually active at 22!

Nov 22 - :( The literacy rate is below 10% in Tuscon; you cant write or read!

Nov 24 - The FBI and CIA is watching you for rioting!

Nov 24 - The CIA is on your myspace.

Dec 09 - I know your watching me pigs!

Dec 10 - I'm done with this because the police bugged my myspace.

Dec 12 - I can't wait for something f**kin huge!

Dec 13 - I don't feel good: I'm ready to kill a police officer! I can say it.

Dec 14 - Wow! Im glad I didn't kill myself. I'll see you on National TV. This is foreshadow... Why doesn't anyone want to talk to me?

Dec 14 - You're going to regret not talking to me!(this message was repeated six times on this date)

Dec 20 - OK! I'm f**king dead! Im about to prove to myself something.

Dec 20 - Why are you not texting me for anal sex?

Dec 20 - I can't stand to look at a f**kin pig without thinking about murdering that f**k!