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Microcosm Publishing Says Trade Your Kindle for Comics

Microcosm Publishing

Just in case you were gifted an Amazon Kindle that you absolutely want nothing to do with, Microcosm Publishing has a proposition for you. For the month of January, the Portland-based indie publishing house is offering a deal where people can trade what Microcosm calls “soulless faux-literary technology” in exchange for an equal value of Microcosm reading material. They advise that participants bring a wheelbarrow to cart away their $139-$379-worth of zines, books, and comics.

Although no one has taken them up on the offer yet, Microcosm expects the Kindles will be piling up in the coming weeks. When asked what they plan to do to with the collected e-books, Microcosm says they might construct a shrine to go on display next to their existing collection of '80s–era cell phones, and maybe even use the Kindles for their intended purpose.

But an acceptance of the e-book seems highly unlikely given Microcosm's explicit attitude when promoting the trade offer. The flyer reads, “Why let fad technology kill print when you can take a stand and fill up your shelves in the process?” In an act of protest against the disembodiment of text, Microcosm even makes this aesthetic statement, declaring their undying love for the texture of print. The flyer reads, “Long live the grain and pulp!”

GO, TRADE IT: Microcosm Publishing, 636 SE 11th Ave., 232-3666. Open 11 am-7 pm daily. Kindle deal good through the end of January.

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