Oregon Liquor Control Commission

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has issued an immediate suspension of the liquor license for Club 915 effective 11:00 a.m., Jan. 7. The suspension is supported by the City of Portland, Bureau of Police, which submitted a request for an emergency suspension based on a history of serious and persistent problems at the business.


Nineteen serious incidents including shootings, fights, altercations and drugs have led to the suspension. The most recent incident involved a shooting New Year's Day resulting in the death of Ruben Mata who was working at the club.

“There's a pattern of people getting hurt at this business,” says Linda Ignowski, Regulatory Services Director. “We, along with Portland Police, have worked closely with the owner to try to increase the safety of customers, employees and members of the public. Club 915 had a compliance plan to address these problems, but was not following the steps in the plan. At this point, we believe that an immediate suspension of their liquor license is necessary to keep the public from further harm.”

The liquor license is held by Jin's International Entertainment, LLC; Frank Chin is the managing member. Club 915 is located at 915 SW 2nd Ave., Portland.

Photo courtesy KATU.