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The New "Odd" Object of Ron Wyden's Political Affection

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The Washington Post has a worthwhile read on Oregon's senior senator, Ron Wyden, in which the paper is calling the Democrat's political pairing with Massachusetts Republican Sen. Scott Brown an "odd duo."

The cause of the senators' wonkish bromance is their bill that would let states opt out of health care reform three years sooner than 2017, as long as the state meets minimum coverage benchmarks.

As the Post puts it, Wyden is "almost aggressively geeky"

Ron Wyden
while Brown is described as a "strong-jawed senator who campaigned in a red pickup truck, once posed as a nude centerfold and wore pink leather shorts ..."

Beyond those descriptions, there's some interesting political analysis on Wyden "taking up creative positions that please think tanks but rarely go anywhere" and that Brown needs the bill to position himself as a moderate in his re-election bid in 2012.

Give the piece a read, whilst listening to the Odd Couple theme below.

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