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Shakers at Ten Paces: Battle of the Portland Bartenders

Brian Glibert from Teardrop Lounge

For those who think Portland's bar scene and bartenders sometimes take themselves just a leeeeettle too seriously, check this out:

Shaker Faces is also an entertaining tongue-in-cheek online competition where bartenders from around the country demonstrate their "shaker face" (i.e. their own personal cocktail shaking style), which often looks a lot like guitar face or even other faces people make during another high-intensity adult activity.

Yes, it's a promo for a liquor company, but it's also one of the more endearing portraits of those typically über-serious men and women who dress like they're in a 1920s speakeasy, gush about "passionflower infused tinctures" and "hand-crafted lavender bitters," and slug you $12 for a drink.

The competition came to Portland last month for Portland Cocktail Week, with many well-known local mixologists stepping up to the plate—or bar, as it were—to have their way with a two-piece shaker.

After five rounds of heats, the competition is down to the final battle between the top five: Neil Kopplin from Clyde Common, Jenn Hegstrom from Pope House Bourbon Lounge, Brian Gilbert from Teardrop Lounge, Dave Shenaut from Beaker & Flask, and Brandon Wise from Irving Street Kitchen.

Check out the videos below. See? Underneath the newsboy caps and suit vests, they're just like you and me—only they work worse hours and probably get laid more often.

You can also vote for your favorite, if you're so inclined. The winner will be announced tomorrow.

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