Oregon House Democrats
Dave Hunt
Mary Nolan
Tina Kotek
Bruce Hanna
Arnie Roblan
Jeff Barker
House Democrats chose Speaker Dave Hunt, along with State Representatives Tina Kotek, Tobias Read, Jules Bailey, Phil Barnhart, Val Hoyle and Jefferson Smith as their leadership team as they embark on an historic power-sharing session with Republicans in an evenly divided Oregon House.

House Democrats did not choose Speaker or Speaker Pro-Tem designees -- preferring to wait until a governance model with House Republicans is worked out.

The Leadership Team includes the following positions:

Speaker Dave Hunt (D-Clackamas County) – Democratic Leader

State Rep. Tina Kotek (D-N/NE Portland) – Democratic Whip

State Rep. Tobias Read (D-Beaverton) – Deputy Democratic Whip

State Reps. Jules Bailey (D- SE Portland) and Phil Barnhart (D-Central Lane and Linn counties) – Assistant Democratic Leaders -- Policy

State Reps. Jefferson Smith (D- E. Portland) and Val Hoyle (D-Junction City/W. Eugene) – Assistant Democratic Leaders -- Political