Chris Dudley
John Kitzhaber
The Oregonian
appears Dudley will concede

Dear Friends,

As you may know, the election has been called for John Kitzhaber. This evening, I called to congratulate him on his victory. With the election behind us, he has my best wishes.

I have been on the winning team and the losing team many times in my life, and I know that one is much better than the other. Yet, despite the fact that we had hoped for a different result, I stand before you today with a heart full of gratitude.

Gratitude for all that life has blessed me with: my family, my wife Chris and our kids Charles, Emma and Sam. And gratitude for all those who supported me with your contributions, your prayers and your votes. Every day I drew strength from your grit and determination to win this race.

This was a very close election. The message from voters is that they want those in elected office - Republican and Democrat - to work together to move our state forward; Oregon must finally get its fiscal house in order. Oregon must improve the climate for business and job creation. And Oregon must not tolerate our schools continuing to fall behind.

As for my future plans, I plan to get back to the things that matter most to me in life: my family, my kids, my friends, my work and my foundation.

Thank you to everyone who voted for me, who donated to our campaign and who worked so hard to come so close. I will never forget and will never be able to repay the honor you've given me the past year. Thank you and God bless.

Chris Dudley