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Who is Jerome Kersey? (Hint: We Don't Mean the Basketball Player.)

Jerome KerseyDiscerning Portland fans may have noticed that Zack Osterlund—better known as the primary force behind local electronic act Breakfast Mountain—wasn't performing much in the latter half 2010. Once highly active in the Portland scene, Breakfast Mountain was off the map for close to six months until Osterlund and a live drummer popped up in 2011 on the Holocene stage for a birthday party earlier this month (and again this past Saturday at Rotture for SuperFresh 2.) Even with the recent appearances, it's unclear what will become of Breakfast Mountain, especially considering Osterlund's brand-new project, Jerome Kersey.

The name of the new project may cause you to conjure up fond memories of the eponymous Blazer who wore the black and red for 11 years from '84-'95, but Osterlund's intentions for the nom de plume are slightly less athletic. Jerome Kersey unveiled itself yesterday with the stream-only release of jayrome, a four-track EP available via Soundcloud. Still maintaining the expansive feel of Breakfast Mountain's beats, Jerome Kersey finds Osterlund outputting a more metered, danceable accessibility akin to the grimy blare of Crystal Castles. From the sound of it, Osterlund is utilizing all his Breakfast Mountain chops for Jerome Kersey, but the two projects shouldn't have to be mutually exclusive for the young producer.

How this potential identity crisis will play out in concert remains to be seen, but at least Portland's electronic scene can bounce a little easier knowing that Osterlund is definitely still working the buttons and knobs... under one name or another.

jayrome - Jerome Kersey

Jerome Kersey on Soundcloud
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