Brent Knopf, one of the three original members of Menomena, was leaving the band
WW: Why did the band decide to carry on without Brent?
WW: How will this change the band in the present (I saw you're doing a video with Alicia, rad!) and future? I assume just none of his songs in your sets?
Statement from Brent Knopf:
Yeah, I'm working with Cheri (from South Africa) of the band Dear Reader, I'm producing her followup LP, it's really fun. I worked with Matt Sheehy recently as well, his record is gonna knock people's socks off. (Even fortified wool socks which are very wind-resistant will find themselves involuntarily airborne when confronted with Matt's new album). Once we wrap up this Dear Reader record, I'll hang up the producer hat for a while and make some more original music with Ramona Falls. It's so invigorating to daydream new ideas.

I'm excited to see where Danny and Justin take Menomena. They're genius songwriters, I'm lucky to have had the chance to work with them.
Photo by Jake Stangel