Peter Wolf Crier

[FROM THE SCHOOL OF M.WARD] With freshman release Inter-Be as its beautifully raspy witness, Minneapolis' Peter Wolf Crier is among the brightest Midwestern acts in existence. The Jagjaguwar (Black Mountain, The Besnard Lakes) backed duo holds a tight mastery of the porch-side, whiskey barrel jams of yore we've grown to expect from the M. Ward's and Conor Oberst's of Planet Contemporary Americana. Utilizing instruments as old as their sound, musical bricklayer Peter Pisano and drummer Brian Moen weave warm and hoary drafts of pure, unembellished folk rock. Given Portland's just obsession with Springstein's Nebraska, this show is not to be missed. MARK STOCK.
Peter Wolf Crier Live

[CAGY CRAFTSMEN] A two-headed beast of Americana, the Twin Cities' Peter Wolf Crier sports one of the strongest records of last year in Inter-Be. While cool and sedated on tape, Peter Pisano and Brian Moen show a rougher underbelly on stage, built from 100-proof pedal guitar loops and drumming that feels more like saber rattling. It's as though ancient folk got in a bar fight and exited with a few less teeth and some ringing in its ears. And when something's picked on—in this case traditional musical elements—it tends to return all the tougher. MARK STOCK