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Hutch Harris Goes Solo with New Project Forbidden Friends (Updated with press release)

Forbidden Friends! The secret that's not quite a secret is finally out: Thermals frontman Hutch Harris has a new solo project called Forbidden Friends! If you're smart enough on Twitter (or know some people in this town) you might have heard a rumor that Harris spent a few weeks in 2010 at Jackpot Studios working on a new band, but the news is official this morning, with word that a 7-inch, "Tiny Hands" b/w "For You," is dropping March 15 on Kill Rock Stars.

According to Pitchfork, Harris sings and plays guitar, bass and drums on the tracks, which feature acoustic instruments and mono mixes. Rad! A few close friends (no word yet if they are "forbidden") including fellow Thermals Kathy Foster and Westin Glass and Telekinesis' Michael Lerner help out on percussion. No MP3s are available yet, so for now we all can just gawk at the artwork above and note how similar it is to the Smashing Pumpkins logo. Seriously, I love you Hutch, but your Billy Corgan crush is just getting a little too real:

Smashing Pumpkins Logo

Full press release from Kill Rock Stars:

Allow us to introduce you (against their wishes) to Forbidden Friends!

Forbidden Friends is part secret society, part torrid love affair. The kind of experience you cherish, yet would kill to keep secret. Well as of this moment the secret is OUT. You can wash your dirty sheets as many times as you want, but once the world knows all your steamy indiscretions there's no going back! Might as well post all your (formerly) deep, dark secrets as your next status update. Forbidden Friends may have hoped to keep their little club private, but it's too late now! The gossips have spoken and won. Let's tell EVERYBODY. Please help us!

Forbidden Friends is a new band from Hutch Harris, lead singer and mastermind of The Thermals, Portland's last great post-pop-punk-power trio. Initially conceived as a way for lovers to send hidden messages in plain view (isn't there an app for that?), Forbidden Friends is now a legitimate, public work of art. The band is at once old fashioned (acoustic instruments, mono mixes), forward thinking (reference-less, incredibly danceable), and timeless (classic lyrical themes of love and desire.)

Forbidden Friends will release their debut single, "Tiny Hands", on the Kill Rock Stars label March 15, 2011, on vinyl (7") and digital download. It is accompanied by the b-side "For You". Harris played the basic instruments (drums, guitar, bass, vocals), and was assisted in the studio by his fellow Thermals Kathy Foster and Westin Glass, as well as Michael Lerner of Telekinesis, on percussion. Both songs are truly upbeat and fun, and are the perfect introduction to this exciting new band.

Kill Rock Stars
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